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Empowering Asset Owners & Managers

Welcome to the future of platform access. Our comprehensive fintech solution offers you the flexibility, cost advantages, and access of an institutional-grade platform, all managed by a dedicated team of vendor specialists in a turn-key solution.

Who We Serve

Whether you are a single-family office, multi-family office or investment adviser GIS offers a solution that suits your needs. We empower investment firms that prefer tier one access and experts handling of their operations without the heavy cost and management intricacies of launching and running your own platform.

Key Features

Integrated Platform Services

As the main intermediary between Wealth Management Firms and a globally recognised custodial and broking provider, we bridge the gap for seamless operations.

Comprehensive Support

We serve as the first point of contact for support queries, managing client relationships, and maintaining relations with custodians and brokers.

Digital Middle Office Services

From client reporting and fee management to facilitating transaction instructions, we provide an effortless operational experience.

Tailored Solutions

GIS is designed for firms that seek the benefits of an institutional platform without the associated management challenges. Our solutions are tailor-made to fit your specific needs.

Compliance and Regulatory Adherence

GIS aligns with regulatory frameworks, ensuring services are compliant and within the boundaries set by financial regulators.

Embrace the GIS Advantage

With GIS, your day to day platform and provider experiences become a streamlined, efficient process where you retain all the benefits of an institutional platform without the associated management complexities.

Experience a world where your focus remains undivided - on your clients and their investment goals.

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Key Benefits

Centralised Vendor Management

With GIS, handle all your vendor interactions in one place, enhancing efficiency and reducing operational risks.

Compliance Assurance

Rely on our expertise to meet regulatory standards and stay compliant without having to delve into the intricate details.

Cost and Time Efficiency

By offering an all-in-one platform, we save Wealth Management Firms considerable time and costs associated with managing multiple vendor relationships.

Seamless Operations

We manage all the moving parts for you, enabling you to focus on your core business – serving your clients.

Strategic Growth Potential 

Our platform is built for scalability, supporting your firm’s growth trajectory while maintaining a high level of service.

OFFICE ADDRESS: 4 Royal Crescent Glasgow Scotland G3 7SL


PHONE: 0800 538 5405