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Welcome to VENDOR iQ by Graphene, the cutting-edge, comprehensive solution for all your vendor management needs. Harness the power of our three distinct but interlinked products – VENDOR iQ Intelligence, VENDOR iQ Assurance, and VENDOR iQ Operations – designed to help your business thrive in a complex, rapidly evolving marketplace.

Key Features

VENDOR iQ Intelligence

Gain access to a wealth of insights and robust data services that enable informed decision-making and strategic planning. Procure quicker, evaluate performance, and partake in our real-time bidding processes.

VENDOR iQ Assurance

Our surveillance solution provides syndicated costs, speedier oversight, and more frequent vendor audits. Benefit from the guarantee of strengthened vendor relationships, all while safeguarding your business against regulatory non-compliance.

VENDOR iQ Operations 

Streamline your operations with the power of data. The extensive range of operational efficiency metrics at your fingertips can guide continuous improvement in your vendor management processes.

Free Vendor Analysis

In a world of ever-increasing complexity and rapid change, don’t just adapt – thrive.

With VENDOR iQ by Graphene, you’re not just gaining access to an unrivalled suite of tools and services – you’re joining a community dedicated to driving success through innovation, integrity, and collaboration.

Unleash Your Potential

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Key Benefits

Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage curated data and insights to mitigate risk, drive cost savings, and catalyse fundamental strategic growth.

Enhanced Compliance

Stay ahead of the regulatory curve and mitigate potential risks and vendor failures with our surveillance solutions.

Operational Excellence

Utilise operational efficiency metrics to constantly refine your processes and drive performance.

Community Engagement

Tap into an invaluable network of industry experts in our Consultants’ Corner, gaining additional support, knowledge, and insights.

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PHONE: 0800 538 5405