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Vendor Scope


Key Features

Navigating The Procurement Maze?

Let us help you find your way! Our procurement and ROI product is a set of tools for investment businesses looking to buy or analyse components of their supply chain.

The solution offers a range of services, including out-and-out procurement, cost analysis, benchmarking and ROI evaluation and governance.

Target Audience for Vendor Scope

Vendor Scope is designed for investment business COO and CEOs who are looking to:

  • Strengthen their supply chain,
  • Reduce costs,
  • Increase governance,
  • Set their businesses up for scale and success.

If You Have These Challenges, We Are Your Ideal Partner

Finding Ideal Vendors In A Marketplace That Lacks Clarity

Remove the smoke and mirrors with our data driven expert analysis!

Long Procurement Cycles In B2B Financial Services

Let us help you analyse and select vendors at lightning speed!

Lock and check list
Meeting Regulatory Pressures And Following Due Process

Use our data-driven process to ensure due process and compliance!

Treasure Chest
Struggling To Understand The Value Of Vendor Relationships

Our expertise and value model uncovers hidden gems in vendor relationships!

Unlock the supply chain value in financial services

Key Features

Unlock the Power: Discover the key features that will transform your procurement experience!

Structured Framework

Structured procurement framework plugged into the pulse of the marketplace.


Cost Analysis

Cost analysis to help you evaluate financial and value impact of your purchases.

Enriched Data

Expertly enriched data to provide you with a true view of your options.

Key Benefits

Experience the Advantages: Uncover the key benefits that will transform your procurement process!

Quick & Easy

Quick, easy and informed decision-making during procurement and vendor analysis.

Reduce Costs

Reduce your vendors costs and add value to your valuation!

Less work

Less work for you and your operational engine to focus on servicing your clients, and not your vendors!

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