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Vendor Watch


Key Features

Advanced Vendor Surveillance

Our vendor surveillance platform provides investment firms with an all-in-one solution to monitor their supply chain for operational, commercial, and reputational risk.

Vendor Surveillance provides a clear set of standards and reporting for benchmarking and evidencing your ongoing governance and oversight of your vendors.

Target Audience for Vendor Watch

Vendor Surveillance is designed to act as an extension of any COOs operational process and provide you with protocols and resource to govern and manage your supply chain more effectively.

If you want our software and experts acting as your eyes and ears and providing a data driven, structured set of protocols that overlay several hundred thousand data points, tailored to your needs – we are the partner for you!

If You Have These Challenges, We Are Your Ideal Partner

Time-Consuming Vendor Surveillance In A Marketplace That Lacks Clarity

Our comprehensive vendor surveillance protocols and team of experts give you more time to focus on other business priorities.

Meeting Regulatory Requirements

Our platform offers easy oversight and monitoring to comply with regulations, with expert support available.

Looking For Opportunities And Cost Savings

Our platform consistently identifies commercial opportunities and cost savings within your operational processes.

Not Sure What Good Looks Like In This Market

Using our insights you and your team will have access to the most up to date news, technology and themes in running effective supply chains.

Unlock the supply chain value in financial services

Key Features

Unlock the Power: Discover the key features that will transform your vendor surveillance!


Platform tailored to your business with EKPI monitoring of day to day service with vendors.

Key Trends

Stay plugged into the pulse of the marketplace and key trends and themes such as regulatory change.

Cost Analysis

Ongoing cost analysis to help you evaluate financial and value impact of your vendors.

Enriched Data

Expertly enriched data to provide you with benchmarking of peers and vendor categories.


Oversight and compliance reporting at the touch of a button, evidence your duties to your board and regulator.

Key Benefits

Experience the Advantages: Uncover the key benefits that will transform your vendor surveillance!

Quick & Easy

Informed vendor management that supports your operational process and your board conversations.

Reduce Costs

Reduce your vendors costs and add value to your valuation.

Less Work

Less work for you and your operational engine to focus on servicing your clients, and not your vendors.

Peace of Mind

Feel safe 24/7/365 that your oversight of your vendors is in line with regulatory standards.

Competitive Edge

Give yourself the competitive edge by having the expert vendor surveillance solution working with your team.

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