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Investment Platform as a Service

Revolutionising Embedded Finance in Wealth Management
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Platform Industry Challenges

In the world of financial platforms, we encounter some significant challenges.

High Costs and Outdated Tech:

Retail platforms and private banks often deal with hefty expenses and outdated systems. Upgrading is essential, but it can feel like trying to move forward with a weight from the past.

Complexity for Big Players:

For firms partnering with institutions like FNZ, the challenge lies in managing the intricate operations and substantial resource demands these giants bring, including huge implementation costs and minimum fee hurdles.

Struggles for Mid-Tier Platforms:

Mid-tier platform custodians grapple with a range of challenges that demand careful navigation. Often struggling with focus, sustainability, cost pressures and risk.

How We Can Help

The GRAPHENE Value Proposition

Addressing Today’s Challenges with Tomorrow’s Solutions
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Complexity Simplified

Streamlining the journey to owning a compliant and functional platform.

Future-Proof Innovation

Anticipating technology and market trends to ensure our solutions evolve with your needs.

Affordable Excellence

Offering NASDAQ quality at a price within reach for all.

Expertise on Demand

Bridging the knowledge gap with our pool of specialised resources.

Retail Platforms and Private Banks
• Familiarity & Trust
• All-in-One Convenience
• Personalised Support
• Broad Accessibility
• Simple to Use Tech
• Higher Costs
• Limited Products
• Legacy Technology
• Regulatory Limits
• Potential Bias

The Best of Both Worlds.

Institutional Platform Providers
• Cost-Effective Solutions
• Diverse Investment Products
• Tailored Solutions
• Scale and Expertise
• Negotiation Power
• Complex Navigation
• Higher Minimums
• Limited Brand Recognition
• Less Personal Service
• Limited Banking Services
Tech Waves

Cost-Effective Access to Premium Solutions

  • Enjoy top-tier institutional solutions at a cost-effective price.
  • Our Investment Platform as a Service democratises high-level financial services, ensuring accessibility without compromising quality.

Expert-Led Support and Proven Operations

  • Tap into the knowledge of industry veterans guiding our support teams.
  • Trust in a battle-tested operating model for reliability, smooth functionality, and peace of mind.

Streamlined Full-Platform Benefits

  • Access a complete platform without the usual complexities.
  • Our approach removes unnecessary burdens, ensuring you focus on core activities with maximum operational efficiency and strategic impact.

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