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Unlocking supply chain value in financial services

A buying and vendor management platform that acts as an extension of your team and processes.

Why work with us?

Gain a tangible competitive advantage.

Achieve Cost Savings

Reduce direct and indirect expenses and optimize resources, resulting in higher profitability and long term financial stability.

Mitigate Risk

Implement best in practice measures, so that your business can minimise potential risks and liabilities, protecting your reputation and assets.

Ensure Compliance

Align your business operations and practices with legal and regulatory requirements, reducing the risks of fines, penalties or legal actions.

Facilitate Scalability

Leverage technology and process to out manoeuvre competition and handle increased demand or changes in the market.

The biggest opportunity within B2B financial services

Exploiting and improving sub optimal components and processes within your supply chain.

How do you use your supply chain to your advantage today whilst evidencing control and oversight of your vendors?

Operations & Supply Chain Costs

2 – 3 trillion

Firms with No Dedicated Resource


Which vendors are optimal?..

The client solution

A verticalized buying and vendor management platform that acts as an extension of your team and processes.

We’ll handle as little or as much of the buying and vendor management as you need, from discovery to renewal management, with data-backed insights and a team of industry experts from various backgrounds.

We help wealth mangers:


Reduce Risk


Reduce Costs


Evidence Governance


Grow and Scale

wealth managers and graphene layers

Vendors we work with

Graphene specialises in working with all notable vendor categories across wealth and asset management.

Global Investor Services

  • Onshore & offshore
  • Multi-asset class & multi-currency
    custody services;
    including direct investments and derivatives
  • Execution and dealing services; including FFX
  • Authorised corporate directors and Manco services
  • Fund administration
  • Portfolio and stock lending
  • Business process outsourcing

World Class Technology

  • CGT and RSP portfolio management tools
  • Model building applications
  • Consolidated reporting -white label
  • Digital client experiences – white label
  • Compliance tools – white label
  • ESG reporting
  • Growth tools
  • Digital asset solutions

Benefits to Vendors

One of the key successes to our verticalized solution is that we act as a ‘master client’ in various instances which results in several advantages to the vendors we work with:


Increased new business with reduced sales cycles


Expedited payments


Streamlined customer onboarding via Graphene protocols


Localised and whole of market insights for product and service improvement

Our focus is dialled in on our clients current and future needs

We flip the current industry model on its head – in a fragmented industry where traditional platforms want everything in house and investment firms build sub-optimal fat middle offices our technology and service will allow participants to take back control.

We invite you to come and meet with us, meet our clients, or give them a call and ask what it is like to work with Graphene.


OFFICE ADDRESS: 4 Royal Crescent Glasgow Scotland G3 7SL


PHONE: 0800 538 5405