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About Graphene

Graphene has evolved from a pure vendor consultancy to a fully integrated wealth management vendor intelligence solution.

Graphene streamlines the operational and vendor management process so that you can save money, evidence control of, and activate your supply chain.

The Graphene platform services the hard-to-get qualitative insights, gives instant access to your data in an organised way, and gives you the tools to evidence control and take advantage of your supply chain.

This evidencing point is crucial given the new Consumer Duty act coming into play in 2023.  It’s all done through a single modern SaaS platform that offers 360-degree insight into any wealth managers supply chain, giving customised reporting at the touch of a button, and activation tools to evidence your operational control and make change seamlessly.

Not to forget, an expert team of wealth management operations and buying professionals as an extension of your team.

The risks faced by clients

Gain a tangible competitive advantage.

Wasted Time

How do you review 30 vendors effectively whilst managing the 10 you have?

Regulatory Fines

Can you evidence your operational processes and vendor oversight?

Dark Spend

How do you monitor implementations and hidden costs?

Lost Opportunity

Global wealth management market size $145 trillion.


Our process

  • Hand investor services and platform control back to our clients
  • Provide access to new, fresh investment ideas and servicing solutions
  • Champion a solid foundation for all of our investors and wealth operators
  • Working with you in a consultative process we will give you the expert input into configuring your operating model with a fintech powered mindset

Current Model review


Target Model & Solution Creation


Implementation & Control


Fresh Ideas & Strategic Plan


Our leadership team

Our founding leadership team have a unique crossover of experiences, ranging from venture capital, tech start-up, to investment management and platform building.

Kevin Mitchell Graphene I.S

Kevin Mitchell

Meet Kevin Mitchell – our innovative, forward-thinking CEO at the helm of Graphene. With a firm foundation in actuarial modelling and global custody, he has a track record of crafting successful investment platforms for multi-billion-pound businesses. In his role, Kevin is taking a leading role in bringing consumers of B2B services closer to the amazing providers in the marketplace.

In his spare time, he loves a bit of golf and spending time with his wife Fiona and the family.

Robert Kelly Graphene I.S

Robert Kelly

Rob Kelly, co-founder of Graphene, is an accomplished investor and operator with a cross-disciplinary background in technology. He excels at launching and growing multinational D2C propositions by leveraging his deep industry knowledge and capitalising on emerging trends. Rob plays a crucial role in shaping Graphene’s strategic direction and driving its growth.

In his spare time, he loves a relaxing glass of wine, travelling, and spending time with his two kids, Edward and Felicity.


Andrew Gaunt

Andy Gaunt, the current Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Graphene/VendorIQ, is a seasoned expert in investment and platform operations. He possesses a deep understanding of running and building efficient processes and fostering strong relationships in the industry with clients and vendors alike. As COO, Andy leverages his extensive knowledge and expertise to consistently deliver exceptional results.

In his spare time, Andy enjoys cycling and spending time with his fiancée, Hannah, and their new puppy, Mac.

Tim Royston Webb

Tim Royston-Webb

Tim, the current Chairman of the Board and exited founder of the successful Pivotal iQ, is a renowned thought leader in the B2B SaaS, data, and market intelligence domain.

With an illustrious career spanning multinational technology markets, With Tim’s track record of success and wealth of experience, his leadership has been instrumental in shaping our company’s identity and establishing our presence.


David Davies

David, former CIO of Hargreaves Lansdown and current CEO of Navos and, is a highly respected industry leader with a proven track record of success.

David’s deep expertise in fintech and ability to stay ahead of emerging trends will continue to provide us with sage advice and a guiding hand as we scale up.

OFFICE ADDRESS: 4 Royal Crescent Glasgow Scotland G3 7SL


PHONE: 0800 538 5405